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          How to Change Profession in UAE Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

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          Have you been considering a profession change on your UAE Visa and aren’t sure where to start? Or perhaps you need insight on how to check visa profession in UAE? No worries, this informative guide is designed to help walk through the entire process, covering the basics of UAE’s visa system, prerequisites, and the procedure for stirring this.

          The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a land replete with opportunities for work and personal growth. As a result, its visa policies also carry unique features, having a significant role in your residency and employment opportunities. An important element of these policies is the profession listed on your visa, which dictates the types of jobs you can take up within the UAE. Changing this profession, while at times complex, can be a significant move in giving you the freedom to pursue the career path of your choice. To know more about the visa profession list in UAE and the possibility of changing it, continue reading.

          Understanding the UAE’s Visa System

          For non-citizens residing in UAE, each individual bears a visa that states their profession. This not only defines your current job role but also signifies your social status and the benefits you’re eligible for.

          Different Types of UAE Visas

          There are several types of visas issued by the UAE, including:

          1. Employment Visa: For those employed by companies in the UAE.
          2. Family Visa: Issued to the family members of the employed individual.
          3. Student Visa: Issued to those pursuing education in the UAE.

          Each visa type has its own rules regarding the listed profession, with some allowing changes and others not.

          Role of Profession on a UAE Visa

          When applying for a visa, the profession listed can have a significant impact. Each visa holder’s profession determines the services they can access, such as eligibility to sponsor family visas, the ability to hire domestic help, possible credit limits with banks, etc. Thus, ensuring your listed profession accurately reflects your career aspirations is paramount.

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          The Procedure for Changing Profession on UAE Visa

          Embarking on the process of changing your visa profession in the UAE involves several distinct steps, each requiring careful planning and execution.

          Prerequisites for Changing Profession

          The prerequisites for changing profession involve the following steps:

          1. Secure employment at a new job. This job should align with the new profession you plan to list on your visa.
          2. Accumulate all necessary documentation.

          The following table summarizes some crucial documents required:

          Document NamePlace of Issuance
          Letter from EmployerYour New Workplace
          Copy of Passport and VisaPersonal Document
          Emirates IDIssued by UAE government

          Once you garner everything necessary, you can proceed to the next steps.

          Detailed Step-by-Step Process

          The foremost step in the process involves submitting the necessary documents to the HR department at your new workplace. After that, the employer will cancel your old visa and apply for a new one with your revised profession. After the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation approves the profession change, you will receive the revised visa stamped on your passport.

          Preparing Necessary Documents

          Preparation of necessary documents is paramount. This includes your passport, original visa, Emirates ID, and a letter from your employer, stating your new profession. It is important to check all documents thoroughly for information accuracy before submission.

          Filing the Application

          Once your documents have been gathered, your new employer will file an application on your behalf to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for the profession change. This involves a formal request and the submission of all necessary documents.

          Profession Changing Fee

          Once your application is approved, a fee is to be paid for the profession change. The cost may vary based on several factors, with the average cost ranging between AED 500 to AED 1000. Your employer often undertakes this cost.

          Receiving the Updated Visa

          After approval and payment, your passport will be stamped with the updated visa, reflecting your new profession.

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          Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

          Certain challenges may arise during this process.

          Challenge 1: Professional Eligibility Issues

          Sometimes, the new profession you wish to switch to may require specific qualifications or skills that you may not possess. In this scenario, going for professional courses or acquiring necessary certifications can help you become eligible.

          Challenge 2: Trouble with Documentation

          Another common problem is improper documentation. This issue can be resolved by meticulously preparing all necessary documents and checking them for completeness and accuracy.

          Success Stories of Profession Change in UAE Visa

          There are countless examples of individuals who have successfully changed their professions on UAE Visas. Such cases involve meticulous planning and persistence, as individuals navigate through the array of prerequisites and procedures. Hearing these stories can inspire and assure those planning to change their professions that their goals are attainable.

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          In a nutshell

          Ultimately, changing your profession in your UAE Visa is achievable but involves a thorough understanding of UAE’s visa system, compiling necessary documentation, and navigating through potential challenges. Plan wisely, follow the steps, and take one step at a time towards achieving your career goals.


          1. Can I change my profession on the visa without changing the job?

          No, to change your profession, you must have a job that aligns with this profession. Your new employer will handle the procedure for the profession change.

          2. Is there a restriction on which professions can be listed on the UAE Visa?

          Yes, there are some restrictions. It’s best to check the UAE visa profession list for your eligibility.

          3. How long does the process of changing profession take?

          Typically, the process takes about two weeks to a month, but it can be longer depending on your circumstances and any challenges that arise.

          4. Will changing my profession affect my social benefits?

          Yes, the profession listed in your visa influences eligibility for certain social benefits. Therefore, a change in profession may affect these benefits.

          5. What if my profession change request is denied?

          If denied, you can review the reasons, make necessary improvements, and reapply. It could be due to documentation issues or the profession’s eligibility criteria.

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