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          How to Check DU Number in UAE

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          DU Telecom, often known just as DU, is one of the main telecommunications providers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Like other service providers, it offers a range of services such as mobile network, fixed line, internet, digital television, etc. With this in mind, many people often ask questions like “”how can I transfer data from DU to DU postpaid?”” However, there are times when you might forget your DU mobile number and want to retrieve it. This is quite common and there’s no need to panic. If you are wondering how to check your DU number in UAE, this guide covers several easy methods that you can use.

          Introduction to DU Telecom

          DU Telecom began its operations in 2007, breaking the telecommunications monopoly previously held by Etisalat in the UAE. Over the years, DU has grown massively both in terms of subscribers and range of services. It is a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company and is publicly listed. During their time in the market, DU has presented several packages including the popular “”DU daily data package of 2 AED””. However, some users may have trouble on how to deactivate DU daily data package 2 AED and this article will provide guides to such queries in the following sections.

          DU’s Telecommunications Presence in UAE

          Currently, DU serves more than 9 million individual customers and over 100,000 businesses in the UAE. The network coverage of DU is comprehensive, reaching even the remote parts of the UAE. This coverage is critical especially when you are wondering about things like how to check internet balance in DU prepaid. According to the statistics released by UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), DU holds a market share of about 32%.

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          Importance of Knowing Your Number

          Knowing your mobile number is vital for numerous reasons. It facilitates easy communication, allows you to top-up your balance, activate various plans, as well as allows you to keep track of your usage like ‘how to check DU postpaid balance minutes’ and is an important identification tool for customer service. In the event that you forget your DU mobile number, the company provides several easy ways to quickly retrieve your number.

          Step-by-step Guide: Checking DU Number in UAE

          There are several methods to check your DU number. The options available depend on whether you are using a prepaid or postpaid SIM. In any case, such as when you need the DU international balance transfer code, you should not worry as all the methods are straightforward and easy to follow.

          Using Short Code

          DU provides short codes that let you discover your mobile number quickly. Here are the two main methods:

          1. The *135# Method

          • Step 1: Dial *135# from your DU mobile
          • Step 2: A pop-up message will appear containing your DU mobile number

          2. The *151# Method

          • Step 1: Dial *151# from your DU mobile
          • Step 2: A pop-up message will appear containing your DU mobile number
          Short CodeProcess
          *135#Dial the code from DU mobile, a pop-up will appear with the number
          *151#Dial the code from DU mobile, a pop-up will appear with the number

          The two methods stated are the most specific way to retrieve your DU mobile number. However, there is an alternative solution for those who need it. The following section will guide you on how to find your mobile number via the DU mobile application.

          Via DU Mobile App

          DU Mobile App serves as a one-stop solution for all DU related services. The app allows subscribers to check their mobile number, monitor usage, pay bills, and even access customer support. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for people who frequently use DU services or prefer digital solutions.

          To check your DU number using the DU Mobile App, follow these steps:

          1. Step 1: Download and install the DU Mobile App from Plays Store (Android users) or App Store (iPhone users).
          2. Step 2: Register your DU mobile number to create an account.
          3. Step 3: Log in using your account credentials.
          4. Step 4: Your DU mobile number will be displayed on the home screen.
          5. Step 5: For further details, click on the account details section.

          These methods require no fee and can be carried out as many times as you want. If you face any challenges while checking your DU number, you can get help from DU customer service.

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          By Calling DU Customer Service

          In some cases, you might encounter issues while checking your DU number using the aforementioned methods or maybe your preferred option is direct interaction with a customer service representative. Thankfully, DU offers commendable customer service support that is always ready to help. To retrieve your DU number through customer service, here is what you need to do:

          1. Step 1: Dial 155 from your DU SIM card.
          2. Step 2: A customer service representative will attend to your call.
          3. Step 3: Share with them your need. In this case, you want to know your DU mobile number.
          4. Step 4: Follow the representative’s instructions to verify your identity.
          5. Step 5: Once your identity is confirmed, the representative will tell you your mobile number.

          Remember, to maintain the privacy of your information, DU may require some important details for identity verification. It is important to have these details handy before making the call.

          Additional Services for DU Subscribers in UAE

          DU offers a wide range of plans and services that cater to the diverse requirements of their users in the UAE. These include prepaid, postpaid, and broadband internet packages, as well as value-added services and mobile app services.

          DU Internet Packages

          DU offers various internet packages tailored to the demands of various users. Whether you need internet for your smartphone, your home, or your business, DU has got you covered. Most packages are bundled with additional benefits like zero-rated social media usage, data rollover, and flexible add-ons.

          DU Calling Bundles

          Just like with internet services, DU provides different calling bundles suited to the needs of different customer segments. Whether you are a heavy phone user, an average user, or a minimal user, there is a plan for you. Additionally, DU provides different calling rates for national and international calls to offer utmost flexibility to its users.

          DU Customer Support Features

          DU’s customer support team is designed to assist you whenever you need help and wherever you are. With multiple channels available – social media, email, dedicated call centres, and the DU App – getting help from DU is never a hassle. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs on their website which address most of the common concerns of their users.

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          In essence, checking your DU number in UAE is simple and straightforward, thanks to the multiple methods provided by DU Telecom. Whether you choose to use the short codes, the DU app, or call customer service, each method is designed to provide effortless and quick solutions. An added bonus is the plethora of other services and packages DU offers, which further enhance the user experience and meet the varied demands of their customers. Remember, whenever you find yourself thinking of complicated matters like “”how do I check my DU number?””, turn to this guide for easy and quick solutions.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How to check DU prepaid balance? To check DU prepaid balance, dial *135# and follow the instructions.

          How to contact DU customer service? To contact DU customer service, dial 155 from your DU mobile or 800 155 from a landline.

          How to check DU postpaid balance? To check DU postpaid balance, dial *135# and follow the instructions or check it via the DU app.

          How to recharge DU number? To recharge DU number, dial *135* Card Number # and press call.

          How to download and use DU Mobile App? The DU Mobile App is available on both Play Store (Android users) and App Store (iPhone users). Download and Install the app, register with your DU mobile number and start using it as per the instructions and features available on the app.

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